[mod_python] Aapche advice

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Thu Jul 29 11:35:05 EDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-28 at 14:04, Ross Karchner wrote:

> Sorry about the lack of details, but none of those details are really
> finalized yet. Thus far I have been using PSP, if that matters.
Ok, I have no knowlege of PSP, other than I know what it is, but I quess
it perform quite well.

> By 'optimum', I guess I really meant "won't run out of database
> connections", and it was in the setting up of maximum threads, process,
> spare servers, etc that I was getting a bit confused.
Hmm, I quess that as long as you don't have more processes in apache
than possible connections for postgresql, you will be fine.

Use persistance connections for postgres, and be sure you know what
state there in when you start (if you use transactions). Postgres is a
really nice DB (I use it myself) but it take some time to create a new


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