[mod_python] mod_python.publisher and PSP on Apache 2.0.49 (MPM_Prefork) with mod_python 3.1.3

Jan Huelsbergen jan at huelsbergen.de
Thu Jul 29 02:40:09 EDT 2004


I am having some weird problems with the environment described in the
subject. I will try to describe them as precise as possible, hoping that
this will be at least enough for you to tell me where to find more
information on my problem.

I have a few pages using the publisher Handler, the all live in folders
with the following, identical .htaccess:

SetHandler mod_python
PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
PythonDebug On

The scripts use mod_python.psp as a templating engine.

Now *sometines* (Until now I was not able to narrow down when exactly
this happens and when not), after calling the first script, calling the
second will result in the following error:

ValueError: <the template of the *first* script> is not a file

The mentioned filename is not part of the second script and is indeed a valid file.

That is about all I can tell you so far. What is broken? What can I do
to collect more information on the problem?



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