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edgard edgardalvescosta at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 10:02:19 EDT 2009


I´m return to word on web sites with mod_python before a very 
interesting experience working with zope/plone.
In this moment I write a script test to verify if all the configurations 
is ok and something was wrong with one image. It doesn´t show in the 
browser. If we ask to show it in other pag, the apache show messege 
this: "The requested URL /pywww/imgs/top.jpg was not found on this 
server.". If we look for the font code,  the code  is correct.

The script code:

# !/python/python

def index_html():
        return """\
        <br />
        <center><b>Teste bem Sucedido<b/></center>
        <center><b><u>Legal Mesmo...</u></center>
        <center><img src="imgs/top.jpg" alt="teste"></center>

What is wrong here?

Edgard Costa

web: www.pewebhosting.com.br

email: edgardcosta at pewebhosting.com.br

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