[mod_python] Apache 2.2.9 + ModPython 3.3.1?

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 18:54:54 EDT 2008

Apache people do not break APIs between minor patch revision nor
change how existing configuration works. As such, you shouldn't even
need to recompile mod_python, provided that same Apache MPM is used
when you upgrade to 2.2.9. You also shouldn't even need to change the
Apache configuration files.


2008/9/24 Tom Stambaugh <brooklinetom at gmail.com>:
> My current apache 2.2.8/mod_python 3.3.1 configuration is working very
> nicely. Sadly, however, the log rotate mechanism of apache v2.2.8 is broken
> -- after a rotate, the instance continues to log entries into access_log.1
> instead of (the new) access_log. This apache bug is apparently fixed in
> v2.2.9.
> If I can do so without breaking things, I'd like to upgrade the apache
> server to v 2.2.9 -- but it isn't worth doing if it's going to send me into
> configuration hell for three days.
> Does anybody know if apache v2.2.9 works with mod_python 3.3.1? The server
> is running an old (fedora core3/core4) linux.
> Thx,
> Tom
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