[mod_python] Python 2.5 binaries for Windows

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Thu Oct 12 06:43:49 EDT 2006



Adapt as necessary for the tools you are using.


On 12/10/2006, at 8:33 PM, Paul Moore wrote:

> I've hit the usual problem - new release of Python, no way to build  
> mod_python binaries :-(
> Has anyone built Python 2.5/Apache 2.0 binaries for mod_python yet?  
> If not, is there an ETA for them?
> Or, so that I can help myself rather than relying on others, can  
> anyone tell me how I would go about building my own mod_python  
> binaries from scratch, given:
>   - Python binary distribution (I can build Python from source, if  
> needed, but I'd rather not as it's a pain)
>   - Apache binary distribution (I cannot build Apache for myself -  
> IIRC, last time I tried, it needed Visual Studio, which I don't have)
>   - Either mingw, or the Free command line MS Toolkit compiler 7.1.  
> I'm assuming the free Visual Studio 2005 version won't work, as it  
> doesn't build binaries which are compatible with the released  
> Python binaries.
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul.
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