[mod_python] Python 2.5 binaries for Windows

Paul Moore pf_moore at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 12 06:33:58 EDT 2006

I've hit the usual problem - new release of Python, no way to build mod_python binaries :-(

Has anyone built Python 2.5/Apache 2.0 binaries for mod_python yet? If not, is there an ETA for them?

Or, so that I can help myself rather than relying on others, can anyone tell me how I would go about building my own mod_python binaries from scratch, given:
  - Python binary distribution (I can build Python from source, if needed, but I'd rather not as it's a pain)
  - Apache binary distribution (I cannot build Apache for myself - IIRC, last time I tried, it needed Visual Studio, which I don't have)
  - Either mingw, or the Free command line MS Toolkit compiler 7.1. I'm assuming the free Visual Studio 2005 version won't work, as it doesn't build binaries which are compatible with the released Python binaries.

Thanks in advance,

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