[mod_python] Re: Python 2.5 binaries for Windows

Paul Moore pf_moore at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 12 15:48:57 EDT 2006

Graham Dumpleton <grahamd at dscpl.com.au>

> Try:
>   http://www.modpython.org/pipermail/mod_python/2006-September/
> 022092.html
> Adapt as necessary for the tools you are using.

I got it built using the free (but sadly no longer available for
download :-() MS Toolkit Compiler 2003.

You need to set up the build environment correctly. Full details are
in PCBuild/readme.txt in the Python source directory, but basically
you install the toolkit compiler, plus the platform SDK and the .NET
1.1 SDK (not the 2.0 one, it's the wrong C runtime). Then

    Add the following directories to your PATH:
        * The toolkit compiler directory
        * The SDK "Win64" binaries directory
    Add to your INCLUDE environment variable:
        * The toolkit compiler INCLUDE directory
    Add to your LIB environment variable:
        * The toolkit compiler LIB directory
	* The .NET SDK Visual Studio 2003 VC7\lib directory

Now you're ready to go, *except* that this environment does not
include afxres.h, which is needed. You can get that from the mingw
packages (I think it's the win32-runtime one, specifically). Add it to
your INCLUDE variable.

It's messy, but the resulting environment builds fine.

You can't build with mingw32 (at least, not easily) - the main reason
is that the Apache binary distribution doesn't include mingw32-
compatible export libraries. (There are other suspicious-looking
errors, but that one's good enough by itself).

Thanks again for the pointer.

Any sufficiently complicated C or Fortran program contains an ad hoc
informally-specified bug-ridden slow implementation of half of Common
Lisp. -- Philip Greenspun

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