[mod_python] error: could not import mod_python.apache

e.deventer at boer.nl e.deventer at boer.nl
Thu Apr 20 07:20:07 EDT 2006

Mike Looijmans <nlv11281 at natlab.research.philips.com> wrote on 20-04-2006 

> It may be a good idea to stop your apache server, re-install mod_python 
> and then restart apache. The install fails when Apache runs during the 
> install, but the install isn't too clear about that, as I recall.

I was pretty sure that Apache wasn't running when I installed mod_python, 
but to make sure I installed mod_python again (with Apache not running). 
It made no difference.
> Apache on windows will run by default using the local "SYSTEM" account. 
> This account has access to just about everything on your local machine, 
> but has no rights whatsover to access any network resource, even if you 
> explicitly grant it access to some networked dirs. So your modules, 
> python, and your scripts must be located on the local machine's 

All my files are on the local C: drive. 
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