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Jim Gallacher jpg at jgassociates.ca
Wed Nov 23 13:38:14 EST 2005

Hi Sergio,

I hate to turn anyone away from mod_python, but I have to agree with 
everything Nicolas says. If you can switch to a new development 
environment and code your application in less that 2 weeks... well you 
are a better man than I, Sergio. Granted we aren't talking about Zope 
here, but still...

Even if you can deliver your app on time, there is still the hosting 
issue. My personal feeling is that mod_python is not suitable for a 
shared hosting environment at this time. It's too hard, or even 
impossible, to isolate each virtual host. Consider session locking as an 
example. Session locking makes use of global mutexes which are a limited 
resource. One bad application (coding error or otherwise) could consume 
all the locks on the server, effectively starving every other virtual 
host which is using sessions so that they are all hosed. I'd certainly 
like to see mod_python reach the point where it's suitable for use in a 
shared hosting environment, and is as ubiquitous as php. There are 
changes that can be made to make it better, but there may be some 
fundamental issues which cannot be resolved.

I think mod_python fits in a niche where the developer has a much 
greater degree of control over the apache server. The ideal situation is 
where you have your own apache server process, such as your own server 
or a virtual host setup. Somebody like openhosting.com comes to mind. 
(I'm not affiliated - just putting a plug in for our BDFL ;) )

Good luck with your project, be it in mod_python or otherwise.


PS. my development environment: gvim, subversion, ssh, rsync - who could 
ask for anything more?

Nicolas Lehuen wrote:
> Hi Sergio,
> This is a global answer to all your mails.
> Given the facts that you have about 8 days to learn a new development
> environment, a new templating system, (maybe a new language ?),
> implement your project, and that mod_python support is VERY slim on
> rented server (even if you hosting provider supports mod_python, it
> will support a very old and buggy version), do yourself a favor and
> forget about it.
> Just implement it quick and dirtily using PHP.
> That's right, that's me telling you NOT to use mod_python and use PHP
> instead. This way you'll manage your deadline and buy some more time
> to do it correctly in mod_python.
> Be aware however that your requirement for shared hosting providers is
> almost surely a show-stopper for mod_python, at least for now. Maybe
> when we'll have a more stable version will we be in position to lobby
> the hosting providers to support it.
> Best wishes for your project,
> Nicolas
> 2005/11/23, sergio <sruiz at redreddesign.com>:
>>quick question..
>>how prevalent is mod_python on rental servers?
>>we have a server that hosts our web stuff, but i host some stuff
>>personally on rental sites that i would like to start scripting in
>>one of the reasons i ask this is that alot of the stuff we develop here
>>at rrd, we do not host, but clients are willing to take our
>>recommendations on hosting.
>>for php, this is not a problem, since everyone can run php..
>>i am not sure if this is the case with mod_python..
>>sergio t. ruiz
>>red red design
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