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Nicolas Lehuen nicolas.lehuen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 11:47:39 EST 2005

Hi Sergio,

This is a global answer to all your mails.

Given the facts that you have about 8 days to learn a new development
environment, a new templating system, (maybe a new language ?),
implement your project, and that mod_python support is VERY slim on
rented server (even if you hosting provider supports mod_python, it
will support a very old and buggy version), do yourself a favor and
forget about it.

Just implement it quick and dirtily using PHP.

That's right, that's me telling you NOT to use mod_python and use PHP
instead. This way you'll manage your deadline and buy some more time
to do it correctly in mod_python.

Be aware however that your requirement for shared hosting providers is
almost surely a show-stopper for mod_python, at least for now. Maybe
when we'll have a more stable version will we be in position to lobby
the hosting providers to support it.

Best wishes for your project,

2005/11/23, sergio <sruiz at redreddesign.com>:
> quick question..
> how prevalent is mod_python on rental servers?
> we have a server that hosts our web stuff, but i host some stuff
> personally on rental sites that i would like to start scripting in
> mod_perl..
> one of the reasons i ask this is that alot of the stuff we develop here
> at rrd, we do not host, but clients are willing to take our
> recommendations on hosting.
> for php, this is not a problem, since everyone can run php..
> i am not sure if this is the case with mod_python..
> thanks!
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