[mod_python] mod_python usage..

sergio sruiz at redreddesign.com
Wed Nov 23 13:57:49 EST 2005

> everything Nicolas says. If you can switch to a new development 
> environment and code your application in less that 2 weeks... well you 
> are a better man than I, Sergio. Granted we aren't talking about Zope 

well, i was maybe a little misleading.. i have been using python for a 
good deal of time for other programs we use/develop (mostly gui stuff) 
in house.. so, its' not too bad.. i am just a little entrenched in being 
able to see my files all the time..

the main reason i want to switch is that the handling of complex arrays 
is much more straightforward than what i am doing now...

> issue. My personal feeling is that mod_python is not suitable for a 
> shared hosting environment at this time. It's too hard, or even 
> impossible, to isolate each virtual host. Consider session locking as an 

this is a real show stopper..

i need to produce code that i can hand over, and let someone else host, 
with no issues at all..

> I think mod_python fits in a niche where the developer has a much 
> greater degree of control over the apache server. The ideal situation is 
> where you have your own apache server process, such as your own server 

this makes sense.. i think i will end up doing some in house projects 
this way first, then see what happens..

thanks all for the info...

this is exactly what i needed to hear..

sergio t. ruiz
red red design

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