[mod_python] OS X / Apache 2 / mod_python bug

Jason Stitt jason at pengale.com
Sun Mar 13 15:07:51 EST 2005

I can second this exactly. Because I compiled everything myself, I 
thought I might have just messed up a config switch or something, but 
it looks like the problem may be more widespread.

I'm on OS X version 10.3.8 (desktop, not server), with Python 2.4 
(first stable) compiled as a framework, httpd 2.0.52 and mod_python 

apachectl 'restart' and 'graceful' both make mod_python stop working. 
Stopping apache, waiting and starting it again works fine.

I also have nothing in the logs to indicate any problem or cause.

On Mar 13, 2005, at 5:39 AM, Jamie Kirkpatrick wrote:

> The bug I have discovered basically boils down to a tiny thing that is 
> not an easy thing to discover.  If you use `apachectl restart` to 
> control the execution of Apache with mod_python installed on OS X 
> (server at least, I didnt try the client version but I imagine it will 
> be the same), you will find mod_python ceases to function, producing a 
> 500 error from apache.
- snip -

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