[mod_python] OS X / Apache 2 / mod_python bug

Graham Dumpleton grahamd at dscpl.com.au
Sun Mar 13 15:31:23 EST 2005

Have either of you applied the patch to mod_python which is required
to make it work with standard Python 2.3 which is supplied by Apple?

I know you are using Python 2.4 and as far as I know the patch is
only required with Python 2.3 that Apple supplies, but still want to
know in case it may be relevant.

The details of the patch are posted at:


I'll have further questions based on original posters message soon as
some things aren't totally clear.

BTW, I have working, and have had no problems with:

   Python 2.3 (Apple supplied) / mod_python 2.7.11 / Apache 1.3 (Apple  

   Python 2.3 (Apple supplied) / mod_python 3.1.3 / Apache 2.0

This has been on Mac OS X (10.3.2ish-10.3.7).


On Monday, March 14, 2005, at 07:07  AM, Jason Stitt wrote:

> I can second this exactly. Because I compiled everything myself, I  
> thought I might have just messed up a config switch or something, but  
> it looks like the problem may be more widespread.
> I'm on OS X version 10.3.8 (desktop, not server), with Python 2.4  
> (first stable) compiled as a framework, httpd 2.0.52 and mod_python  
> 3.1.3.
> apachectl 'restart' and 'graceful' both make mod_python stop working.  
> Stopping apache, waiting and starting it again works fine.
> I also have nothing in the logs to indicate any problem or cause.
> On Mar 13, 2005, at 5:39 AM, Jamie Kirkpatrick wrote:
> -snip-
>> The bug I have discovered basically boils down to a tiny thing that  
>> is not an easy thing to discover.  If you use `apachectl restart` to  
>> control the execution of Apache with mod_python installed on OS X  
>> (server at least, I didnt try the client version but I imagine it  
>> will be the same), you will find mod_python ceases to function,  
>> producing a 500 error from apache.
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