[mod_python] mod_python and real app

eoghan modpython at redry.net
Wed Jun 8 06:18:25 EDT 2005

Thanks Graham...
Ive got a lot of stuff to look through there... this should get me a 
better understanding!

Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> On 08/06/2005, at 6:56 PM, eoghan wrote:
>> Hello
>> Im new to python and really new to mod_python. Im coming from a php 
>> background. Id like to know if anyone has any examples of real world 
>> app built for the web using mod_python... something pretty simple that 
>> the code is available for... i dont want it to use, but to learn how 
>> it used really.
>> Im probably diving in at the deep end, but i find it a lot easier to 
>> see whats going on when i can get my hands dirty :)
> There are various different usage styles for mod_python dependent on
> what supplied package or third party add-ons you use. For example,
> in mod_python itself there is the basic content handlers, PSP and
> mod_python.publisher. Another major style is servlet based for which
> and example is the third party mpservlets package. Beyond that you
> get into the area of third party templating systems that can be used
> in conjunction with mod_python.
> What I would suggest is get hold of a copy of mpservlets from:
>   http://home.comcast.net/~d.popowich/mpservlets/
> and look through the examples it supplies in its "tutorial" directory.
> That will give you an idea of a servlet based system. I think these
> are the same as what is available at:
>   http://lnx1.blue-fox.com/~dpopowich/mpstutorial/
> Also get hold of Vampire from:
>   http://www.dscpl.com.au/projects/vampire
> It also has a range of examples covering basic handlers, publisher, PSP,
> Cheetah, HTMLTemplate etc. Its examples are also online but not nicely
> linked off a common page at the moment although that will start to change.
> Thus you might just look through the code for those examples initially,
> but if you want to know the URL for some specific examples let me know
> and I'll tell you where to go for it.
> Graham

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