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Hi Timothy --

I suppose the documentation doesn't have a step-by-step because there's 
really not a step-by-step to it.

When you create a Session object, it looks for a cookie called pysid in 
the client's browser. If that cookie does not exist, creating the 
Session object sets the cookie in the client's browser.

So for example:

# sessionfu.psp

from mod_python import Session
import pprint

pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter()
sess = Session.Session(req)
newkey = form.getfirst('newkey','')
newvalue = form.getfirst('newvalue','')

if sess.is_new():
	req.write('''<p>This is a new session.</p>''')
	if newkey != '':
		# Since Session is an extension of dict, we can assign key/value 
pairs to it
		sess[newkey] = newvalue
	req.write('''<p>This is an existing session.</p>''')
	# dump the keys and values in the session already
<!-- With this form you can set new keys and values in the session -->
<form action="sessionfu.psp">
<p>Key: <input name="newkey" type="text" /> Value: <input 
name="newvalue" type="text" /> <input type="submit" /></p>

I haven't compiled the above, but you get the gist.


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On Jun 2, 2005, at 4:13 PM, Timothy Kendall wrote:

> Sorry for posting such a beginner's question, but...
> I've been using Python for some time, but I'm new to mod_python.  I 
> need to learn how to implement sessions.  I've been through section 
> 4.8 of the mod_python manual, but what's there doesn't tell me how to 
> proceed (not so that my admittedly deficient mind can grasp it, 
> anyway).  Is there a step-by-step xplanation anyone can point me to?  
> Seems like there must be, but I can't seem to find one.
> Thank you.
> Timothy Kendall
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