[mod_python] Point of frustration/disappointment

Jim Popovitch jimpop at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 14:56:07 EDT 2005

Folks, I guess I am mostly disappointed in the lack of support for
Python2 in mod_python.  I've been struggling to get mod_python to work
with python2, but there is so much mis-information around that my
process has reached a deadend.

I tried to correct entry 2.21 in the FAQ, it's just plain wrong, but was
unable to make any changes.  I search for a way to edit the FAQ, and ran
across the PSF(?), (another deadend?)  All I want to do is use
mod_python, so I don't think the PSF is a place for me to be involved.

Back to my rant... Why does mod_python ignore Python2?  Here's a similar
email from 2002 that went unanswered:

Is there some low-key politics involved?  Is it time for a mod_python2
project?  I want to help, just unsure if it's even worth it.  I've had
excellent experiences with Python2 and Mailman.  However it is
interesting to note that Mailman avoids mod_python, I wonder if it's
from the same thing I experienced.

-Jim P.

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