[mod_python] configuration problems on SuSE 9.1

Robb Nebbe modpy at nebbe.com
Wed May 26 11:49:26 EDT 2004


I have tried to test my installation as described in the 
documentation. My current thinking is that the handler is not being 
installed and that this probably has something to do with my apache 
configuration.  The result I am seeing is the default apache behavior 
where files are passed straight through to the browser.

I have read through the mailing list archives and something similar 
seems to come up a couple times a month but I have not found any 
answers that fix my problem.

my httpd.conf contains

<Directory /svr/www/htdocs/test>
    AddHandler mod_python .py
    PythonHandler mptest
    PythonDebug On

the file mptest.py is straight from the manual and is
located at /svr/www/htdocs/test/mptest.py:

from mod_python import apache

def handler(req):
        req.write("Hello World!")
        return apache.OK

The URL is "http://localhost/test/mptest.py"

Apache seems to be working fine by itself, the mod_python module is 
loaded (otherwise apache chokes on the <Directory... information in 
httpd.conf) and it is finding the correct file mptest.py.

The software is the standard SuSE 9.1 versions:

mod_python 3.1.3-34
apache 2.0.49-23
python 2.3.3-85

Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated.


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