[mod_python] xml, xslt mod_python FAQ inclusion

Michael mogmios at mlug.missouri.edu
Tue Mar 9 15:47:58 EST 2004

I am running mod_python as an xml-rpc server and it's working fine. I 
did have to switch to sgmlop because Expat just didn't work at all. 
xmlrpclib didn't work well at all with Expat. Maybe that'd help you with 
4Suite. Look back in the threads a while (about xml-rpc) and it was 
mentioned that you had to have exactly the right version of Expat for 
4Suite I think. (Look at March 5)

>Howdy all,
>	I am wondering if the FAQ could get an inclusion like
>	"Whats up with the 4suite tools and mod_python?"
>		Reply: Don't bother they don't work together.   Tell yourself 
>	again and again "CGI is fun" and try again without mod_python
>	or redesign your app entirely
>	That entry would have saved me about a day.  Because they
>don't and the issue outlined in
>is apparently still unresolved.  Man I wished I'd never bothered...

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