[mod_python] zero terminated strings and req.write

Michael C. Neel neel at mediapulse.com
Tue Mar 9 14:19:39 EST 2004

> 	I was using the publisher but it's really a moot point 
> now after a day of tussling
> with mod_python I am giving up and working with something 
> less complicated /
> working if I had another few weeks to figure this out maybe 
> but this project has
> to be done soon and mod_python is slowly making me crazy (as 
> the tone of this
> email indicates)  After I sorted that problem the wierdness 
> with suddenly not
> finding files that are in the proper directory, then making 
> me hard code every
> path in the xhtml like 
> href-"" then having
> to restart the webserver everytime I change a module (I saw 
> the FAQ entry on this
> but couldn't get it to work) python bailed with an error. I 
> am sure now that I think
> about it that the problem was that there is some module in 
> the standard library
> that I was failing to load.  
> In short I am sure all of my problems (other then the 4suite 
> stuff) is due to
> my own lack of reading but shit I read the entire manual, 
> read a bunch of
> apache docs and getting even the most basic scripts to work 
> was a huge pain in
> the ass.
> 		Fred

This sounds like it was a poor time for you to learn a new system.  PHP
and Mod_Python are not remotly the same things, you would have the same
trouble moving to Mod_perl.  Perhaps you would be better spending time
learning the new system by creating new/test applications in it, than
trying to dive in by migrating portions of a legacy application, and
allowing yourself learning time.  It's sad, but few people will spending
a month learning something, everyone tends to start a new technology by
writing a real-world application.

Also it's important top understand how "high-level" you are.  PHP is a
very high-level language, abstracting just about all the details of the
http protocol.  Mod_python propvides various levels of abstraction on
top of the Apache API, which really doesn't abstract much but hiding the
details od TCP/IP from you.  Same rules apply as they always have, the
lower you get the more complex and more powerful.

And don't forget Python itself.  Most people think that python is like
perl with some minor differences, which is flat out wrong.  It would be
better if people thought of Python as Java with some differences.  Perl
is a wood screw, Python is machine threads, use either one on the wrong
material and things break.  PHP is more a mix of C and Perl style, than
a C++ or Java style.

I'm sorry you weren't able to use python on this project, but give
yourself time to learn it and try again, and I think you'll be pleased
with the results.


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