[mod_python] bug in parsing POST input sent by Opera

Michal Vitecek fuf at mobil.cz
Mon Jul 26 11:38:48 EDT 2004


 i'm encountering a bug in mod_python (3.1.3) which occurs when POST is
 used to send data _and_ Opera browser (7.50.673 or 7.53.737 in my case)is
 used to send the data. the bug is that mod_python parses the last
 attribute=value pair wrongly as it sometimes add a random character (just
 one) to the value, so instead of getting attribute=value i get
 attribute=value4 or attribute=valueM etc.

 this doesn't happen when any other browser is used (mozilla based, ms
 ie, lynx) or when GET method is used.

 the bug can be worked around by adding a junk attribute=value to be the
 last one - so it doesn't matter it gets mangled by mod_python.

 btw: i don't think it's an opera's fault - it works flawlessly with
 mod_php or mod_perl.

	thank you,
		fuf		(fuf at mobil.cz)

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