[mod_python] PSP - no output

Roman Roelofsen develop at tuxed.de
Sun Jul 25 04:50:59 EDT 2004


I am new to mod_python and for my first app i tried to use a psp-page.  But 
when i send a request nothing gets generated. My config:

AddHandler mod_python .psp
PythonHandler mod_python.psp
PythonDebug On

greet = 'Hello'
<%= greet %>
test test

There is really no ouput. No error message, neither in the browser nor in the 
apache error log. Just an empty file.  When I use the publisher as 
PythonHandler and no psp everthing works fine!

apache: 2.0.49-23
mod_python: 3.1.3
python: 2.3.3

Any ideas?



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