[mod_python] importing home made modules

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Tue Jul 20 01:48:32 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-19 at 21:24, David Geller wrote:

> This brings back memories.... ;)
Long nights I quess ... :-)

> Perhaps you have a "library conflict" somehwere (which happened to me 
> awhile back). You must make sure that libraries used by various apache 
> modules are the same. My problem was the PHP mod was using one version 
> of mysql libraries, while mod_python was using another. In *some* 
> configurations, this worked fine. In others, it segv'd. When I made all 
> the libraries consistent, problems went away.
This was the problem ... a total rebuild of all modules (my python
modules depends on 3 other home brewn shared libs), and it all works as

Thanks for the hint !


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