[mod_python] Multiple interpreter instances?

Volodya volodya at real.samuraj.org
Fri Jul 16 10:50:15 EDT 2004

On Thu, Jul 15, 2004 at 07:54:53PM -0400, Stefan Hudac wrote:
> Hi Volodya
> You are right but just partially. Apache 2.xx really introduced threaded 
> model, but just as an addition to its forked model. In real life Apache 
> still creates couple of forks which then run couple of threads. So to 
> get to my original question, memory is shared among mod_python instances 
> on one fork, but not in between forks. :-( Still doesn't solve my problem.
> Thank you all guys to confirm what I suspected.
> stefan

But you can control the way Apache handles processes & threads:


May be it is not the best solution but you can run "single process and
as much threads as you need" model. ( StartServers &  ServerLimit 16

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