[mod_python] servlet (mps_tutorial) and apache

Daniel Popowich dpopowich at comcast.net
Sun Jul 11 11:49:39 EDT 2004

> In the mps_tutorial, every time i change any .mps or _TutorialBase.py i
> need to restart apache so that changes take affect?

You shouldn't need to restart apache if you modify a mps file: an
internal cache of the Servlet handler maintains modification times of
mps files and if the version on disk is newer than that in the cache,
the file is re-loaded.  (For the curious, this code is in

However, py files are another matter.  My favorite trick for
development/debugging is to modify the apache directive,
MaxRequestsPerChild.  Assuming you're using the prefork MPM:

    <IfModule prefork.c>
    #MaxRequestsPerChild  1000
    MaxRequestsPerChild  1

You DEFINITELY don't want this in production as it will reload the
python interpreter for each request, but the nasty issue of reloading
modified python modules goes away in a hurry.

The mod_python FAQ offers another trick, using the python reload
built-in, but that forces you to put code in your apps to manage the



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