[mod_python] What is a directory?

Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy grisha at modpython.org
Wed Jul 7 16:14:14 EDT 2004

Stefan -

When InterpPerDirectory is On, the interpreter name would be based on the 
directory name extracted from req->filename.

Read the note at the bottom of 
for some more information.

Probably where you are confused is that you don't "handle a request", you 
handle a _phase_ of a request, and Apache handles phases you don't 
explicitely handle.


On Wed, 7 Jul 2004, Stefan C. Kremer wrote:

> This may sound like a stupid question (and perhaps it is), but I'm asking
> it in the context of the PythonInterpPerDirectory directive and a custom
> mod_python handler.
> If my understanding is correct, it is my handlers job to process the
> req argument and produce whatever content it sees fit.  Where I get
> that content from, how it is generated, is entirely upto my handler.
> I could, for example have my hander generate all pages directly and
> never acess the file system at all.
> But, before any of this happens, mod_python needs to select or create
> an interpreter on which to run my handler.  Presumably, it does this without
> actually accessing the target URI, since the target URI might be neither
> a file nor a directory (as in the example above).
> So my question is, what (in the context of the PythonInterpPerDirectory
> directive) is a directory?  I'm guessing it is based on the syntax of the
> requested URI.  If I've missed this in the documentaion, somewhere please
> tell me where to go...
> 	Stefan
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