[mod_python] 3.1.2b and worker_mpm

Daniel West dwmp at opti.cgi.net
Sun Jan 18 05:52:11 EST 2004

Yeah, looks like I'm going to be recompiling for prefork before long.  It's 
a shame that mod_python isn't more stable under the worker mpm.  The worker 
mpm is more efficient memory wise and less ram for the web server means 
more left over for the database server.  This also eliminates the 
possibility of using the perchild mpm which should be of great interest to 
anyone running a server which services multiple unrelated users' accounts 
and web sites.

I wish I had more time and experience with C so I could help out.  Are 
these issues known and is anyone doing anything to address them?  I'm 
available for testing if so.


At 06:24 PM 1/18/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>     I just punted on using the worker mpm.  I was trying to use it with
>the jonpy modules and it went to pieces under stress testing.  I saw some
>wicked nasty recursion errors.  Now, I'm not dogging mod_python.  I'm
>using mod_python with the prefork model and I see NO errors and it
>screams.   (In fact, it's worked so well that my superiors want me to
>present python technology at our upcoming annual meeting with our
>corporate parents!).   However, it's been my experience that you'll
>encounter many more problems using the worker mpm.
>Is anyone else out there using mod_python with the worker_mpm on Apache
>2?  I'm having issues with requests getting mixed up.  I have an output
>filter which is gathering information about requests and storing them in a
>stats database and then it's calling filter.pass_on().  The problem is
>when I request a big image, I get part of the image in the response body,
>and part of an unrelated html request in the response body.  So I have an
>invalid image and someone else probably has an invalid html page.  I've
>found this much easier to reproduce with larger files.  It only happens
>when there is simultaneous traffic on the server.  If I redirect the
>traffic to an older server and run tests on the mod_python server without
>outside traffic then it runs just fine.
>I'm running the latest cvs as of a week ago.  Apache 2.0.48.
>Has anyone else experienced this?
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