[mod_python] Some questions

Robert Fendt rmfendt at web.de
Tue Dec 14 14:47:18 EST 2004

And thus spake Kevin White <jedirunner at gmail.com>
Mon, 13 Dec 2004 20:56:24 -0700:

> Ok, so I have a few questions for you python programmers:
> 1- What text editor do you use?  I have been using vim/gvim but it
> frustrates me in a couple areas.  It gets all confused with its smart
> indenting in some cases and I have to undo what it does.  Also, I
> can't just put my cursor somewhere and hit 'i' (to go into insert
> mode) and start backspacing.  I have to delete from the left of the
> text rather than backspacing from the right.  Anyway, so what text
> editor do you all use?   Is anyone out there using a good text editor
> for PSP files, and if so what editor?

Well, as an old Emacs junkie, of course I use it for coding Python. There
is a well-working CPython mode for Emacs, and the editor does a pretty
good job at HTML/XML derivatives, too. Of course, this is bound to trigger
another "emacs<->vim" flamewar...

> 2- Where are the best places to find official and unofficial
> documentation for python and mod_python?  I don't know where to look
> before posting questions, and there appears to be various types of
> docs in various places.

http://www.python.org/ is a very good starting place. It also features a
large list of Python-related projects. For mod_python, its docs can be
found at http://www.modpython.org/, although I do find the docs a bit thin
at times. Of course, you can have a look through the mod_python list

> 3- What is a "PEP"?

A Python Enhancement Proposal, as someone else already explained.


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