[mod_python] Some questions

Sébastien Arnaud arnaudsj at mac.com
Wed Dec 15 21:29:17 EST 2004

Hi Kevin,

I personally use Eclipse 3.0 (http://www.eclipse.org/). I have searched 
a long time for a "dream" environment that can save me time and 
Eclipse, even if not perfect, is the closest I found yet.

I recommend the following plugins (among the hundreds available)

- PYDEV (Python syntax validation and coloring, code refactoring, auto 
completion, debugging)

- Oxygen (commercial)
Amazing XML/XSLT editor that works within Eclipse. You can use it also 
to edit HTML/XHTML files as well, it has auto completion, validation 
built in and so much more. Well worth the money if you need to edit a 
lot of HTML, XML files!

- Subclipse (Allows you to check in/out from Subversion repository)
Eclipse has built in support for CVS, but I highly recommend moving to 
SVN for source control as it addresses so many caveats that CVS had.

This way you can push live your files to your server(s) with one click, 
compare the files on your live enviromnent, etc... Eclipse supports by 
default FTP and WebDAV

It is true that Eclipse is a monster app (java based), definitely not a 
small weight nice editor. But if you have the CPU power, the 
environment is wonderful to work with and can save you a lot of time! I 
work most of the time with other developers and sharing the same IDE to 
develop is a blessing - Eclipse runs on pretty much any OS that has a 

Hope this helps!


On Dec 13, 2004, at 9:56 PM, Kevin White wrote:

> Ok, so I have a few questions for you python programmers:
> 1- What text editor do you use?  I have been using vim/gvim but it
> frustrates me in a couple areas.  It gets all confused with its smart
> indenting in some cases and I have to undo what it does.  Also, I
> can't just put my cursor somewhere and hit 'i' (to go into insert
> mode) and start backspacing.  I have to delete from the left of the
> text rather than backspacing from the right.  Anyway, so what text
> editor do you all use?   Is anyone out there using a good text editor
> for PSP files, and if so what editor?
> 2- Where are the best places to find official and unofficial
> documentation for python and mod_python?  I don't know where to look
> before posting questions, and there appears to be various types of
> docs in various places.
> 3- What is a "PEP"?
> That aught to do it for now. :)
> Thanks!
> Kevin
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> Kevin White
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