RES: [mod_python] Re: problem installing mod_python-3.1.3 with Py thon 2.4

Fri Dec 3 08:23:50 EST 2004

If you want the MSVC 7.1 get it here:


Alexandre Jara Denstone
* ajdenstone at

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Assunto: [mod_python] Re: problem installing mod_python-3.1.3 with Python

David Fraser <davidf at> writes:

> The Windows installer for mod Python 3.1.3 is only for Python 2.3 - 
> you
> can tell that because it's called mod_python-3.1.3.win32-py2.3.exe 
> In general Python extensions written in C have to be compiled for the
> version of Python they are used with, so a new binary would be needed 
> for 2.4
> Anyone is welcome to try build this, I plan to myself when I get a
> chance. But simply using the existing installer won't work...

The biggest difficulty I hit was that Python 2.4 (the standard
binary) is built with MSVC 7.1, so extensions also have to be built with
that version (or with mingw, which can build MSVC-7.1 compatible binaries).

As I don't have MSVC 7.1, and can't work out how to build Apache, or at
least enough of it to compile mod_python, with mingw, I'm stuck.

I would *really* appreciate a Python 2.4 binary of mod_python...


PS Actually, I'm not 100% clear how binary compatibility works here.
   The very strong message on python-dev is that extensions *must* be
   built to use a compatible CRT. But mod_python bridges the Python
   and Apache binaries, and Python uses the MSVC 7.1 CRT, where
   (AFAIK) Apache uses the MSVC 6 CRT. So isn't there an
   incompatibility on one side or the other whatever compiler is used
   to build mod_python?
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