[mod_python] Segmentation fault with xmlrpclib

Sadruddin Rejeb sadrejeb at gmx.ch
Mon Dec 6 06:39:53 EST 2004

On Friday 03 December 2004 14.12, David Christian wrote:
> Although I haven't solved it, I wanted to confirm that yes,
> I also have that problem.  I have narrowed it down to importing of
> pyexpat module, imported from within xmlrpclib.  I haven't debugged
> any further.
Hi David,

Well, it appears that the error was due to the fact that Apache was linked 
with a old (<1.95.8) version of expat, while the pyexpat module in the stdlib 
now includes the 1.95.8 version. When I recompiled Apache against this 
version, everything was fine again.

Thanks for your help,

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