[mod_python] session.last_accessed() ?

John Draper lists at webcrunchers.com
Sun Apr 18 13:42:58 EST 2004

On Mar 31, 2004, at 11:52 AM, Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy wrote:

> This is a bug clearly... I suppose a workaround would be to store your 
> own
> date until we have this fixed.

Is there a published list of mod_python bugs somewhere?    I'm just now
experimenting with Sessions,  but it would be great if I could determine
beforehand if I encounter a bug...   This way,  I can tell if the bugs 
MY problem or someone elses.

By the way,  I am working on some example code and as soon as I can
SOMETHING to work,   I would like to make it available to others.

So far,  none of my stuff works yet.


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