[mod_python] ChartDirector with mod_python.

lapitro lapitro at kam.pl
Mon Apr 19 07:55:43 EST 2004


I have unsuccessfully been trying to run some of the demoscripts that
comes with ChartDirector on my Gentoo Linux box w/ Apache/2.0.49,
mod_python/3.1.3 and Python/2.3.3. The result I get is that apache 
outputs the source code
back to the browser. I know mod_python works in that directory though,
since other scripts runs fine. When I look in my logfile all it says is
(Re)importing module <modulename>, nothing else (I have set PythonDebug 
to On).
The demoscripts also runs fine from the commandline.
My question now is if somebody else has gotten any ChartDirector scripts
running with apache/mod_python ? I have skimmed through the mailinglist
and searched the web pretty thorougly and I'm still stuck, any help 
would be greatly appreciated.

URL to ChartDirector if anyone is up to trying:

Thanks in advance,

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