[mod_python] Re: mod_python mysteriously stopped working under Windows

Robert Leftwich robert at leftwich.info
Fri Oct 3 13:30:55 EST 2003

In article <20031002193058.S79163-100000 at localhost.name>, 
tpc at csua.berkeley.edu says...
> oh wow this problem again.  I am going to repost an email I sent to one
> Kevin Douglas who kept hitting this same brick wall:
>  snip....

> As you can see something to do with paths and multiple Python versions
> installed is the reason you are having trouble.

That's what I thought, so I had completely uninstalled/deleted every 
python version/lib I could find and then re-installed only v2.3 - but no 
joy (and I also tried explicitly setting PYTHONHOME before running the 
Apache exe).


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