R: [mod_python] Apache child process restarting under Win32 - imp ort errors

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Mon Nov 24 14:23:47 EST 2003

Manera, Villiam wrote:

>we have had the same behavior with ':&' 
Thanks, this was interesting...

>Da: 	Cassiano, Marco  
>Inviato:	lunedì 16 giugno 2003 11.53
>A:	'security at apache.org'
>Cc:	'Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy'
>Oggetto:	Apache 2.0.46 - Possible DOS with particularly crafted HREF
>I would like to inform you of the behaviour of Apache when a link with a
>particular HREF is clicked.
>First of all, our configuration is : 
>Windows 2000 Server SP3
>Apache 2.0.46
>Mod-python 3.0.3
>Active State Python 2.2.2
>We have a python script that runs under mod-python which looks into the
>database to find some articles and builds a table with the links to
>"explode" each article and look into its details. This HTML table contains a
>HREF for each article. Each HREF actually contains a call to another python
>script that does the "explode" job. We pass the parameters to this script in
>the usual "&" concatenation form.
>It happened that one of the articles had a semicolon (";") as the final
>character of its description
>so the HREF was built in following way : "descriptionwithfinal;&next parm".
>In other words the HREF contained the sequence ";&".
>When we clicked on this link we got a "Page not found" error on the browser
>but what really Apache did is the following (excerpt from error.log) :
>[Fri Jun 13 10:58:02 2003] [notice] Parent: child process exited with status
>3221225477 -- Restarting.
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>Inviato: giovedì 20 novembre 2003 13.20
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>Oggetto: [mod_python] Apache child process restarting under Win32 -
>import errors
>We are having trouble with our application suddenly producing crashes 
>for all browsers connected to the system.
>We are running under Windows, with Apache 2.0.47 and mod_python 3.0.3
>It seems that the problem is that a module that was imported correctly 
>somehow is not anymore...
>In trying to track this down, I found the following in the Apache error log:
>[Wed Nov 19 08:53:31 2003] [notice] Parent: child process exited with 
>status 3221225477 -- Restarting.
>[Wed Nov 19 08:53:31 2003] [notice] Parent: Created child process 4304
>[Wed Nov 19 08:53:32 2003] [notice] Child 4304: Child process is running
>[Wed Nov 19 08:53:32 2003] [notice] Child 4304: Acquired the start mutex.
>[Wed Nov 19 08:53:32 2003] [notice] Child 4304: Starting 250 worker threads.
>This happens directly before the first occurence of the problem (I've 
>taken off the date, [error], [client ip-address]:
>PythonHandler jToolkit.web: Traceback (most recent call last):, referer: 
>http://amvjoslbook/srf/grid.htm?&TIMEFILTERENDDATE=19/11/03 08:53:22
>PythonHandler jToolkit.web:   File 
>"D:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\mod_python\apache.py", line 332, in 
>    result = object(req), referer: http://amvjoslbook/srf/grid.htm?  
>&TIMEFILTERENDDATE=19/11/03 08:53:22
>PythonHandler jToolkit.web:   File 
>"D:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\jToolkit\web\__init__.py", line 99, in 
>    server = getserver(modulename, instancename), referer: 
>http://amvjoslbook/srf/grid.htm?&TIMEFILTERENDDATE=19/11/03 08:53:22
>PythonHandler jToolkit.web:   File 
>"D:\Python22\Lib\site-packages\jToolkit\web\__init__.py", line 82, in 
>    raise AttributeError(errormessage), referer: 
>http://amvjoslbook/srf/grid.htm?&TIMEFILTERENDDATE=19/11/03 08:53:22
>PythonHandler jToolkit.web: AttributeError: module 
>'jLogbook.python.config' has no attribute 'AmerivenIndexPage'
>I made it print out the contents of the module at this point in the 
>error log:
>module is <module 'jLogbook.python.config' from 
>'D:\Python22\lib\site-packages\jLogbook\python\config.pyc'>, attributes 
>are ['ADOProviders', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', 
>'os', 'sys']
>This seems to indicate that only half of this module was imported... 
>perhaps because one of the other imports failed (these seem to be some 
>win32 extension modules)
>I was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems with Apache 
>restarting, and why this happens...
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