R: [mod_python] Funky publisher behavior under apache 1.3

Manera, Villiam vmanera at manord.com
Wed Nov 13 15:52:10 EST 2002

I've submitted the same problem the 17 October, and is still a problem:
From: Manera, Villiam <vmanera at manord.com>
To: 'mod_python at modpython.org' <mod_python at modpython.org>
Date: 17 October 2002 19:13
Subject: [mod_python] strange behavior of mod-python

>I'm currently use mod-python 2.7.6 on apache 1.3.26 - windows 2000 with
>python 2.2
>apache config:
>    ScriptAlias /comm/ "E:/script/cgi/comm/"
>    ScriptAlias /tecnico/ "E:/script/cgi/tecnico/"
><Directory "E:/script/cgi/comm">
>        Order Deny,Allow
>        Deny from all
>        Allow from .....
>       ...
>    AddHandler python-program .py
>    PythonHandler mod_python.publisher
> PythonPath "sys.path+['c:/program
>files/python22/lib/site-packages/mdnlib', 'c:/program
>    PythonDebug on
>    </Directory>
>all work fine, but sometimes (today 4 time) when a url is typed:
>I have this behavior from apache:
>HTTP 404 - File non trovato (not found)
>Internet Explorer
>but the program is still in place, and the only way to force apache to
>the program is restart the apache services,
>or make a copy of comm_ocordiu0 in comm_ocordiu1 and then call this one,
>this is not a real problem in developement web server, but  today it
>happened 4 time, in production is happened 2 time in one month,
>and I become in panic.
>Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.

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Da: Antonio L Rodriguez [mailto:antonio at memora.com]
Inviato: mercoledì 13 novembre 2002 15.15
A: mod_python at modpython.org
Oggetto: [mod_python] Funky publisher behavior under apache 1.3

Hey all,

I've been playing around with the publisher but have been having some 
issues. First, I get this in my apache logs all the time:

[Wed Nov 13 08:49:01 2002] [notice] mod_python: (Re)importing 
mod_python.publisher from None

This happens even when the underlying files do not change (either the 
script or the publisher.py file ).

Second, I'm getting erratic behavior where the publisher will find a 
function one time and then generate a 404 a couple of requests later 
for no apparent reason.

I am using python 2.2.2 with threads but this hasn't been a problem in 
the past and I'm not actually using the threading libs. in my script.

Anyone run into this type of behavior with publisher.py?



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