[mod_python]Compìlationerror in Solaris 8...

Javier Quinteros jquinte at fadu.uba.ar
Wed Nov 13 13:21:01 EST 2002

Hi !!!
I've seen a problem like this posted before but there was no
satisfactory answer.

I'm using Solaris 8, Apache 1.3.26, Python 2.2.1 and ModPython 2.7.8.

This are the steps I execute:
* ./configure --with-apache=/usr/...........
* make static
* make install

Then I move to the apache source directory and:

* ./configure (as specified in modpython instructions)
* make

Then I get an error telling me that there are "Undefined Symbols" (about
40). All of them are Python Symbols (PySequence, etc.).

The only answer I've found in the archives is from a Brasilian guy
telling that the libmodpython.a has to be compiled with the -fpic flag
when using gcc.

Please, I need a solution ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

Javier Quinteros
Universidad de Buenos Aires

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