[mod_python] spyce v1.1.22

Rimon Barr barr at cs.cornell.edu
Sun Jul 7 19:32:18 EST 2002

Most important changes since last posting (v1.1.18)
 - easier install; .rpm should work on more systems
 - does not rely on mod_python by default... too hard to get right
   automatically, and users don't get to play with Spyce
 - downgraded some code to run on Python v2.1.1 and up.
   (requires nested scoping, so can't go further than that)
 - removed use of Python threads
 - new filter module
 - improved installation documentation, and explained how modules work
... and lots more.

Spyce still works under mod_python. To get it to work, you'll need a
properly running mod_python, and then just to comment and uncomment a few
lines in your httpd.conf. See:

SPYCE - Server Python Pages

SPYCE is a webserver plugin that supports simple and efficient
Python-based dynamic HTML scripting. Those who like Python and are
familiar with JSP, or PHP, or ASP, should have a look at this engine. It
allows one to generate dynamic HTML content just as easily, using Python
for the dynamic parts. Its modular design makes it very flexible and
extensible. It supports FastCGI, CGI and mod_python to plugin into Apache
and most other webservers. It can also be used as a command-line utility
for HTML pre-processing.

v1.1.22 released on 7 July 2002.

Get it at:

Partial change log:

  fixed Python v2.1.1-related bugs.
  improved installation process and documentation
  rpm more likely to succeed - uses fcgi or drops back to cgi
  no longer mod_python based by default

v1.1.21 (faulty release)
  stochastic session clean up; no more threading dependency
  documentation: better installation notes
  peep-hole optimizer

v1.1.20 (faulty release)
  created explicit (swappable) cache infrastructure
  BUG ** Spyce also works on Python v2.1
  request - request.post(),post1() works in includes
  documentation: cheetah install, ...

  filter module

  fcgi support added
  X-Spyce header added
  documentation: how to write new modules

  feature request - compaction algorithm improved

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