[mod_python] spyce v1.1.18

Rimon Barr barr at cs.cornell.edu
Fri Jul 5 02:14:33 EST 2002

SPYCE - Server Python Pages

SPYCE is a drop-in Apache module that supports simple and efficient
Python-based dynamic HTML scripting. Those who like Python and are
familiar with JSP, or PHP, or ASP, should have a look at this engine. It
allows one to generate dynamic HTML content just as easily, using Python
for the dynamic parts. Its modular design makes it very flexible and
extensible. It can also be used as a command-line utility for HTML
pre-processing, and also via CGI or FCGI on other servers.

v1.1.18 released on 5 July 2002.

Get it at:

Partial change log:

  fcgi support added
  X-Spyce header added
  documentation: how to write new modules

  feature request - compaction algorithm improved

  generalised session.setHandler (session handler selection mechanism)
  gdbm, bsd db session handlers added

  minor makefile and rpm script changes
  handling of multi-line strings in python code
  response.flush() added

  wrappers to check python version

  added new language construct: "Python chunks"

  stdout module redirects stdout to response object
  added writeln() to response module

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