[mod_python] Code Sample Collection would be helpful

Peter Bittner peter.bittner at gmx.net
Fri Aug 30 11:39:27 EST 2002

Hi there Python friends!

I think this has already been proposed once, but still it is a very
important issue:

The mod_python manual is great, sure. It even contains some sample code to
get started. But what is missing for the the (Python-)mod_python community is
a pool of sample code where one can see how different things have been
tackled by different people.

I am sure mod_python would be much more attactive then since it would be
easier to get right into it, to see working code, to adapt working code to one's

When I say pool I'm thinking of something like http://www.hotscripts.com
(BTW: I'm just seeing there is some python stuff on there already. Though
not really much, and even less about mod_python.) :-(

I'm sure there are a couple of guys out there in the mod_python community
that would be willing to share some of their code (for a GPL-license, as
shareware or freeware) if there were something like a "Sample Code Pool" on the
mod_python website. - Not all the code we all are writing is "for internal use
only" and some among us would be happy to publish their code. (I know from
myself how much useful code in C, PHP and JavaScript I've coded and it's okay
for me to know someone is using it and finding it helpful.)

Anyone out there who finds this idea good enough to be realized?
Who of you would like to help contributing to such a sample code pool?


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