[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

Jørgen Frøjk Kjærsgaard {Metation} jfk at metation.com
Sun Aug 25 19:29:06 EST 2002

Søndag 25. August 2002 07:37 skrev vio:
> * Jack Diederich <jack_diederich at email.com> [020824 23:47]:
> > mod_snake is dead [modsnake.sourceforge.net] according to the author
> Sounds to me like a step towards 'python.apache.org == mod_python'.
> Perhaps Jorgen's fears that such a move may split the 'web python
> community' may have been a little premature. Perhaps the current 'web
> python community' may not be as big as initially estimated (a fact that
> python.apache.org is intended to remedy).

If there really is nothing but Zope, which isn't an Apache module, and 
mod_python, there is no reason not to go ahead with python.apache.org == 
mod_python. I wasn't aware that mod_snake was dead (I never even bothered to 
try it - mod_python works fine ;-). Just keep the door open to other existing 
or new Pyton+Apache projects. The main reason for Apaches huge success is its 
openness - this openness should be kept in subprojects like python.apache.org,

regards, Jørgen

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