[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Sun Aug 25 00:37:51 EST 2002

* Jack Diederich <jack_diederich at email.com> [020824 23:47]:
> mod_snake is dead [modsnake.sourceforge.net] according to the author

Sounds to me like a step towards 'python.apache.org == mod_python'. 
Perhaps Jorgen's fears that such a move may split the 'web python community' 
may have been a little premature. Perhaps the current 'web python community' 
may not be as big as initially estimated (a fact that python.apache.org is
intended to remedy).

> zope is well ... zope and has as much to with with Apache as it does IIS,
> or squid, or freecell.

I agree. It's quite big and getting bigger. Though my main issue with zope was 
that it simply didn't scale well for projects with more than a few hundred 
objects (at least from my experience). Perhaps because it uses a python-based
object database, which is not very performant for large scale projects. 
But I will recommend it nevertheless as an introductory environment to web 
programming (I really learned a lot in my zope days).


> python.apache.org seems like a good pragmatic idea, I think the possibility
> of a holy war or bruised egos has been over hyped in this discussion.
> mod_python is the apache integration that serves the small but growing group
> of people writing python web apps with apache.  There isn't much else to
> say, lets not lose perspective - it's a sub-domain name (domain sub-name?).
> I haven't had time to go over the mod_snake sources yet, but there may
> be some good stuff in there.  I don't think that changes anything.
> (as a terrible metric, the mod_snake tarball is 100k larger than
> mod_python).  If people ressurect some of the code by patching mod_python,
> great.
> -jackdied

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