[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 24 09:15:59 EST 2002

Again Jorgen, many thanks for your reply. In a couple of emails you outlined
the framework of a possible 'python.apache.org' project. Its goals, both 
strategic (to promote a unified effort in making Python a language of choice 
on the Apache server) and tactical or technical (to integrate the main 
python_on_apache codebases, while maintaining an open door to alternatives)
are quite clear. The writing on the wall is "cooperation". I would take it 
that your views more or less reflect those of the apache board. Excellent.

Well, Fabian, I hope this would be of some help for your PR efforts, so best
of luck and hopefully you'll keep us in touch of your progress on the 
mod_python list. I guess it's your call from now on.

Warm regards,

* J?rgen Fr?jk Kj?rsgaard {Metation} <jfk at metation.com> [020824 08:39]:
> Lørdag 24. August 2002 12:36 skrev du:
> > If I read your Rivet analogy correctly, apache might be interested in
> > giving its 'official' blessing (i.e. the powerful 'python.apache.org') to
> > the python project who will manage to rally support from the web-python
> > community at large. In this regard, Fabian's latest PR makes a lot of
> > sense.
> Exactly.
> > But again speaking from a user's perspective, if I consider the 2
> > web-python packages I know a little about - zope and mod_python - I don't
> > see those code bases integrating anytime soon (simply because they serve 2
> > quite different audiences, and I would think they are rather entrenched).
> > Because of this, should there be no 'python.apache.org' ?
> There should be a python.apache.org. The question is who should be part of 
> it? mod_python and Zope are very unlikely to integrate, but some cooperation 
> may be possible. In the open source desktop area, KDE and Gnome actually use 
> some common code today (KDE depends on the GNOME XML core libraries), even 
> though the groups couldn't stand eachother a few years ago.
> On the other hand, you are right when you say that Zope doesn't fit very well 
> in. Zope is not very tightly integrated with Apache. A "zope.apache.org" 
> would be very unlikely.
> I think python.apache.org should consist of mod_python, mod_snake, CGI Python 
> and maybe a few others that I haven't even head about yet. Some time in the 
> future, mod_python and mod_snake may integrate, though it may not seem 
> possible today. A couple of years ago Rivet didn't seem possible either!
> tcl.apache.org succeeded because it is open to alternatives, it isn't one 
> mod_*.
> > I disagree. As long as there will be no official ralying point to attract
> > python+apache afficionados on a 'single point of effort', parallel efforts
> > will continue to florish, each more or less re-inventing the proverbial
> > wheel. And not cooperating very much, I would think.
> Maybe our thoughts are not that different at all... The purpose of 
> python.apache.org should be to expose Python more _and_ to promote a more 
> unified effort in making Python a language of choice on the Apache server.
> regards, Jørgen
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