[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 23 18:22:19 EST 2002

Greetings to Apache Board Members,

Apoligies to Fabian Fagerholm for short-cutting his efforts with this message.
But I just wanted to cut the bull and go straight to the point: we have this
great apache module called mod_python, thanks to Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy, 
suffering from a big lack of exposure. We strongly believe this great piece 
of technology (which is the marriage of apache + python) deserves a place 
alongside mod_perl and mod_ssl 'on the main apache site'. Understanbably,
mod_python is not an Apache Foundation project (rather it's Grisha's project).
Yet, there is such a symbiotic relationship between apache and mod_python,
what would it take to have a link on the main apache side to the 'python'
web-app alternative, in the Apache Projects section of the 

   Apache Projects
     HTTP Server
     Python    <-- something like this, linking to www.mod_python.org,
     PHP           or to 'python.apache.org' which would redirect to
     TCL           www.mod_python.org (or something along those lines)

In conclusion, I believe this is a great opportunity for greater integration
between the main apache movement, and the independent mod_python effort.
In my view, Apache needs a strong python alternative alongside Perl and such, 
while mod_python gains greater exposure and 'official blessing' from the Apache
Software Foundation.

Please send your reactions, comments, suggestions on this topic directly to the
mod_python mailing list at 'mod_python at modpython.org'.
If this is not the appropriate forum to discuss this topic, please redirect
my message as appropriate.

Thank You kindly for your time,

PS. Included 2 recent messages from the mod_python list outlining the need for
a direct link between apache main site and mod_python:

* Michael C. Neel <neel at mediapulse.com> wrote:
> Well, what a day to join the mod_python list!
> I believe that mod_python needs to be more featured on the apache
> website, just as mod_perl and PHP.  As a developer who has worked with
> perl for quite sometime, I have run into perl's limitations in a large
> scale applications.  I began to seek out other choices that offered both
> performance and a strong OO base from which management of large scale
> applications.  I had looked at python before, but didn't know of
> mod_python - and running something in the CGI space is sooo 1996 =D
> Though another project I came to find mailman, and though the mailman
> docs I came to find out about mod_python.  Mailman IMHO is a strong
> reason why python can compete as a "web language", offering the OO of
> Java without the performance hit or running a separate server just for
> Java (ala Tomcat).
> I also think mod_python will begin to gain a larger following as Apache
> 2.0 is deployed.  Python just strikes me as a much better language to
> fit in with the new format and concepts of the Apache 2.0 modules.
> Perl, Python, and PHP each have their own strengths and faults when used
> under Apache.  Not one of them will ever replace the need for the other,
> and I hope they never try to.  Different application have different
> goals and require different approaches.  I feel all warm and fuzzy
> inside thinking about how the open source community has provided me with
> a solution for every need.  Python is one of those solutions, and every
> bit as worthy of python.apache.org as the rest.
> Mike
> --
> Michael C. Neel
> There are only 10 types of people in the world;
> those who understand binary and those who don't.
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> Subject: [mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development
> language
> Hello, World!
> In a recent thread [0] on the mod_python [1] mailing list, I'm wondering
> why there isn't a Python link on the main Apache web site. There are
> PHP, Perl and Tcl links but Python is nowhere present.
> It is of course evident that the lack of a link is due to the lack of
> perceived usage of Python as a web application development language.
> That, in turn, is due to the lack of exposure on sites like the Apache
> one.
> I would like to see this change. Specifically, as I write in my post on
> the mod_python mailing list,
>     "What I would like to do is get a link to the mod_python web site
>     under the "Sister Projects" section of http://www.apache.org/, or
>     (preferably) find out how a python.apache.org could be created,
>     either as a general Python-Apache site or as a direct link to the
>     mod_python web site (perl.apache.org is actually the mod_perl
>     site)."
> I have concluded that before any such thing can be done, the opinions of
> the people currently using the Python-Apache combination (which I
> suspect is no small number) need to be solicited to some degree.
> I would like to hear what you think about the creation of a
> "python.apache.org" (or equivalent) that would focus on the topic of web
> app development with Python and Apache. I imagine the site itself being
> quite slim with some essential information and links to other projects,
> particularly to the mod_python site.
> Also, I would like to hear about any related projects or any previous
> contact to the Apache Software Foundation.
> I apologise for the cross-post but I feel it is warranted in this case.
> I'm only subscribed to the mod_python mailing list so please keep me or
> that list Cc'ed if you reply.
> Cheers,
> Fabian Fagerholm
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