[mod_python] Promoting Python as web application development language

Fabian Fagerholm fabbe at paniq.net
Fri Aug 23 12:51:32 EST 2002

Hello, World!

In a recent thread [0] on the mod_python [1] mailing list, I'm wondering
why there isn't a Python link on the main Apache web site. There are
PHP, Perl and Tcl links but Python is nowhere present.

It is of course evident that the lack of a link is due to the lack of
perceived usage of Python as a web application development language.
That, in turn, is due to the lack of exposure on sites like the Apache

I would like to see this change. Specifically, as I write in my post on
the mod_python mailing list,

    "What I would like to do is get a link to the mod_python web site
    under the "Sister Projects" section of http://www.apache.org/, or
    (preferably) find out how a python.apache.org could be created,
    either as a general Python-Apache site or as a direct link to the
    mod_python web site (perl.apache.org is actually the mod_perl
I have concluded that before any such thing can be done, the opinions of
the people currently using the Python-Apache combination (which I
suspect is no small number) need to be solicited to some degree.

I would like to hear what you think about the creation of a
"python.apache.org" (or equivalent) that would focus on the topic of web
app development with Python and Apache. I imagine the site itself being
quite slim with some essential information and links to other projects,
particularly to the mod_python site.

Also, I would like to hear about any related projects or any previous
contact to the Apache Software Foundation.

I apologise for the cross-post but I feel it is warranted in this case.
I'm only subscribed to the mod_python mailing list so please keep me or
that list Cc'ed if you reply.

Fabian Fagerholm

[0] http://www.modpython.org/pipermail/mod_python/2002-August/002360.html

[1] http://www.modpython.org/

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