[mod_python] Problems with Python on win with apache 1.3.22

Bohms, Michel M.Bohms at bouw.tno.nl
Wed Nov 28 11:03:13 EST 2001

Dear Grisha,

It was not my intention to confuse people any further; I was just stuck and
asked for help.

On your second remark on the actual problem I disagree:

"Whenever you use ClearModuleList..."

I have never explicitly used it ! Ok it can be default in some config but
you suggested I added something..

"You have to AddModule".
Please show me in the manual appendix A (win install) where this is; its
just not there.

Looking at the doc it seems that AddModule is only relevant for static
links. But of course this might be me....

my reasoning: I downloaded a binary .dll so how can I reference a source
file in the httpd.conf.

I think above is true since everything seems to work fine now after the mail
I got from Ray Drew (actually combining .ddl with higher version mod_python;
thanks Ray !)

Again, sorry if I caused any incomvenience to anybody. I just come from the
structured world of Gates and now try from a more or less end-user oriented
perspective to integrate a SW infrastructure combining Apache, xalan,
xerces, cocoon, python, and some more and then our own stuff on top. I just
want to find out which problems real end-user will face when we tell them
please do this yourself....

Greetings, Michel Bohms

> Just not to confuse people any further, your problem was with 
> your config
> file. Whenever you use ClearModuleList, you have to AddModule 
> afterwards.
> This, BTW, has nothing to do with mod_python, and is all well 
> documented
> in Apache docs.
> Grisha
> On Tue, 27 Nov 2001, Bohms, Michel wrote:
> >
> > Dear All (esp. Mark, Dan and Grisha),
> >
> > I swapped Apache 1.3.22 for 1.3.20 and my problem was 
> solved. So advice:
> > stick with Apache 1.3.20 on windows if you want to have an 
> integrated Python
> > !
> >
> > Thanks for all your help, Michel
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