[mod_python] New Handlers and other bits

thanos at 0x01.com thanos at 0x01.com
Thu Nov 29 12:03:45 EST 2001

Dear Grischa,

I have been using mod_python for over a year now, and before that NSAPY. Many times I have developed code for mod_python that would have to be able to run as a CGI or as a script. So I wrote a bridge to handle these situations. Also I parameterized the Publisher handler and gave it transparent session handling. By breaking up this code  I acheived better control over and made the Handler easier to custimize.  Should I contribute this work to mod_python.org. If so, how?  I will galdly tidy it up and document it. Also my version of the Publisher has most of your code just lifted in, then slightly re-worked. I will be happy to have your recomendations regarding the wording of the copyright etc.

thanos vassilakis
thanos at 0x01.com

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