[mod_python] Win32 threading issue

Chris Trengove trengove at econdata.com.au
Thu May 10 08:43:10 EST 2001


This is the sort of thing I have been using. I open two console windows and
start the script in both.
	import sys
	import time
	import urllib

	URL =
	NUM_GETS = 1000

	start = time.clock()

for i in range(0,NUM_GETS):
    	f = urllib.urlopen(URL)
		print f.read(),

	stop = time.clock()
	elapsed = stop - start
	print "%d GETs in
%.3f seconds = %.0f GETs/second" % (NUM_GETS,elapsed,NUM_GETS / elapsed)

I do not have a multiprocessor machine. I have been wondering whether this
is something to do running these tests on a single (local) machine, rather
than across a network, but when I try the above driver script retrieving a
small text file, everything is OK.

Incidentally, I have now switched to Apache 1.3.19 and still get the same


At 02:07 PM 9/05/2001 +0200, =?US-ASCII?Q?Stephane_Bidoul?= wrote:
>Could you send me your driver script?
>I cannot reproduce the behaviour you describe with
>my own test scripts.
>BTW, do you have a multiprocessor machine?
>I know some problems have been reported
>but never reproced on MP WIN2K machines.

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