[mod_python] Heavy Testing

Brett Haydon brett at bookshop.unsw.edu.au
Fri Mar 16 15:08:04 EST 2001


I'm just in the process of putting in an ecommerce
application based on modpython to replace an existing site,
and am just about to enter a beta testing phase on a live
site. I'm interested if anyone has feedback about their
experiences with medium-large sites.

Based on the existing usage I expect about 2000 page views a day
(17,000 hits).

The key area I'm concerned about is garbage collection/memory usage.
Having tested it with only 2-5 simultaneous clients over short periods makes
me a little nervous..

I can't help but wonder why python/modpython isn't growing as fast as
php as in principle python/modpython seems a superior solution (It sure as
hell is quicker to develop with).


Brett Haydon

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