[mod_python] setup of python2.1 with and without mod_python

Ensim-Newsgroups.Mailing-Lists.Mod_Python-List ensim.ml.mod_python at ensim.com
Mon Mar 19 14:10:18 EST 2001

i want to be able to run regular python via shell and python via mod_python.

i got modpython to compile under 2.1beta with threading off.

is it possible to have the following environment on a server:

/usr/lib/python2.1/* compiled with threading on (pyc + so files)
/usr/bin/python compiled with threading on
** and **
apache's mod_python.so : dso apache module compiled with python threading
off (i downloaded 2.1 source, did a configure --without-threads, and
compiled mod_python against this source tree)

if my mod_python scripts import libraries from /usr/lib/python2.1/ (ie
import pyc and so files compiled with --with-threads), will it break in the
above environment?

basically, i don't want to have 2 different /usr/lib/python2.1...one for
regular python (invoked via shell) and one for use with mod_python.

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