[mod_python] Re: [Webware-discuss] ModPython problems

Chuck Esterbrook ChuckEsterbrook at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 18:32:25 EST 2001

At 02:51 PM 7/10/2001 -0700, larry a price wrote:
>Hi, i'm trying to get WebWare 0.5 working with mod_python
>i keep on getting this ImportError: module _apache not found
>when trying to launch the ModPythonAppServer,
>mod_python seems to work fine on it's own, the only thing i can see is
>that there is no _apachemodule.so in lib-dynload, though there is an
>_apachemodule.o in the build directory from which i installed mod_python,
>can i just cp and rename that file or do i need to grovel through the
>MakeFile and make sure that it's built as a shared library.
>I'm running:
>apache 1.3
>mod_python 2.7.3
>Webware 0.5
>Debian 2.2.19pre17

I'm sorry to say I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm 
wondering if you really want to run the ModPythonAppServer, as opposed to 
the ModPython adapter which connects to a separately launched app server. 
That is the usual technique (e.g., your choice of adapter, plus the WebKit 
app server) used to run WebKit, because you can then restart the app server 
separate from the web server.

You should consider embedding the app server inside a web server to be more 
experimental, and I suppose the docs should reflect that.

In any case, it might help with diagnosing your problem if you could try 
the ModPythonAdapter and see if that suffers the same problems.


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